Father’s Day Gift Ideas Based On The Five Love Languages

Father’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate the wonderful man in your life who has taught, raised, and been an incredible influence in your life. It can be your dad, grandfather, uncle, or anybody who deserves to be recognized on this day. 

Dads and grandpas are incredible people who teach us to love, be playful, and not take life too seriously. 

Every dad has their own personality and parenting style and so I’ve compiled a list of Father’s Day gifts based on their love language. 

A person’s love language is how they communicate and show their love. We all give and receive love differently. If you’re not aware of the five love languages, you may be showering someone with lots of love but they may not be seeing it because that is not their love language. 

I highly recommend this quick read, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s a fantastic book that has the power to transform your relationships. By reading it, you will be able to learn how your spouse, children, and loved ones communicate their love.

If you’re unfamiliar with the five love languages, I’ll give you a quick rundown of what they are. However, I do highly recommend the book because it’s a quick read and you’ll learn a lot about what your personal love language may be as well as others. You may be more open to showing people love through their love language. 

The Five Love Languages are: 

Acts of Service- doing a chore, cleaning up for someone, 

Touch- hugging, kissing, high fives, a pat on the back

Time- spending quality time together, going out to lunch together, going for a walk together

Gifts- physical gifts 

Words of Appreciation- telling someone you love them, telling them how great they are

If you want to show Dad just how much you love him, you may have to speak in terms of his love language to tell him you love him. 

I have listed the five different types of love languages with a few suggestions for gift ideas. Hopefully, they will speak Dad’s love language on Father’s Day. Either way, I’m sure he’ll appreciate your enthusiasm and effort to celebrate him on this day.

Acts of Service

Mow the Lawn for Dad

If Dad’s love language is acts of service, then he appreciates things being done for him. That may mean helping him out around the house, mowing the lawn, doing a few chores, or doing something for Dad without him having to ask. 

Mowing the lawn is a weekly chore that you could help Dad with. He can take a break from pushing the lawnmower and kick up his feet for the day. 

Mowing the grass

Help Dad With A Home Project

Is there a leaky faucet around the house? Does the fence look a little worn down? Does Dad want to build a new table? 

Help Dad build something for the house. 

It will be a fun project that you two could do together. You will be spending quality time together working on something that you’ll be able to keep in the home and cherish together. 

You could build a wooden table or a cornhole set to keep in the yard. These are simple home projects that could get done in a day. You could put it together, paint it, and start using it at the end of the day. 

Your wooden home projects would make great pieces to keep in the home and make great conversation starters during the summer for BBQs and family get-togethers. 

Fix Something Together Around The House

Is there something broken around the house that needs fixing? Is there a new kitchen faucet that Dad hasn’t gotten around to installing?

Help Dad out this Father’s Day and do the handyman work for him. 

I’m sure he’ll appreciate not having to get down and dirty. 

Dad can sit back with a beer and enjoy some Sunday sports shows while you get to work and help him out around the house. 

It’ll be good to show Dad that you’re just as handy and are capable of doing a lot of things around the house. Plus, it’ll save Dad from having to break his back. 


Pay For A Massage

Dads don’t spoil themselves with self-care and massages. Although it may need some persuading, give the gift of a relaxing spa treatment and massage. Dad can probably use it with all of the hard work, labor, and sports activities he does. 

You want to make sure that he’s taking care of his muscles and joints and taking time to relax.


Although the majority of people getting pedicures in the salon are women, I have spotted a few men sprinkled in there. Men need self-care just as much as women do too. Pedicures are awesome for both men and women to enjoy. Plus, it may be difficult for some men to reach over and trim their toenails. They can get the extra help and pamper done at the nail salon and they don’t need to feel bad for it- it’s Father’s Day and they deserve the treat!


Go Golfing With Dad

There’s nothing like spending some good old quality time with Dad golfing. 

I don’t know any man that doesn’t like spending a day out on the golfing grounds away from all the troubles and worries.

You can spend a whole day at the golfing range golfing 18 holes, driving around in the golf cart, and having heart-to-heart conversations with Dad. 

Pack some drinks, sandwiches, and your SPF for a fun whole day with Dad. 

Fishing With Dad

Fishing is another one of those great things you can do to spend quality time with your dad. Depending on where you’re fishing and whether or not you’re trying to catch a lot of fish or just sit out there and enjoy the waves, you can be fishing for a few hours or the whole day. 

I’ve seen people bring boxes of pizza, Subway sandwiches, chips, soda, and beer to enjoy while they spend the day fishing at the pier. 

It’s one of those sports where you can sit around casually, enjoy a conversation, and wait for something exciting to catch on to your line.  

Take Dad Out to Lunch or Dinner

What Dad doesn’t love a good meal? They always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And the saying couldn’t be any more accurate. My dad and husband both love good food and boy… Do they both have a strong appetite!

Take Dad out to his favorite restaurant or make him his favorite meal. 

I know Dad will love a good meal on Father’s Day.

If you’re looking to take Dad out for Father’s Day, be sure to call the restaurant in advance and book reservations. It’s expected to get pretty busy and you want to make sure that you’ll have a table ready for you when you go. 

Watch a Movie Together with Dad

There’s nothing like sitting around and watching a good movie or sports show with Dad. If there’s a favorite show that Dad enjoys watching, put it on for him and bring some snacks over. 

During the week, we probably get busy with work, chores, and other miscellaneous tasks that we don’t get to sit and watch a show with Dad. Spend extra time with him this Father’s Day and watch a good comedy or horror film together. 


Get Dad a Golf Set

If your dad loves to golf, get him a nice golf set to take to the golf course. He’ll love having a new shiny toy to play with. 

You may even be able to go golfing with him and spend some time together with him. 

New Shirt for Dad

Grab an awesome dad shirt that Dad will be proud to rock around the house. There are plenty of shirts with funny dad jokes, rad dad sayings, and lame dad humor. 

You can also opt for a nice dress shirt that Dad can wear to dinner or on his nights out. 


Socks are like the tried and true gift you can get Dad and never go wrong. Dads are always on their feet going to work, running around, and fixing stuff up around the house. They’re always busy and on their feet. 

No wonder socks are always worn out for Dads!

Grab an awesome pair of thick socks that will last. His feet will thank you!

There are also fun socks that have great sayings on them like “rad dad,” “cool man” and so forth. 

You can go basic or go fun. It’s all up to you!


You can splurge on Dad with a fancy watch this Father’s Day. Many department and watch stores are having sales for great Father’s Day gifts. 

Get him a timeless watch piece that will be a statement fashion piece when he wears it out with friends or to dinner. 

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mugs are another gift that I’m sure Dad will appreciate in the mornings when he’s drinking his coffee, listening to his podcast, or reading the newspaper. 

You can grab a mug that says, World’s Best Dad” on it or something funny like “Awesome dad jokes.” 

You can also make personalized coffee mugs with your photos and names on them.

If you have young toddlers, they can paint the coffee mugs, stamp their handprints on the mug, or even draw on the mugs with a permanent marker that won’t wash off. 

It will be a useful Father’s Day gift that he will be able to enjoy throughout the year. 

Words of Appreciation

Make a Card

If Dad’s love language is words of affirmation, then he enjoys being told just how much you love him, how valued he is, and how wonderful he is. Although small gestures and gifts are great, he receives love through words and needs to hear it from you. 

You can write in a card and let him know how grateful you are for everything he has taught and done for you. 

Click here for some great Father’s Day quotes, phrases, and sayings you can use to inspire you during your writing. 

Sing a Song

Don’t be shy and bring out that Karaoke mic. Sing a tune for Dad and let him know how much you appreciate him. I’m sure Dad will appreciate your bold move to get up and belt out a song for him.

Write a Poem

Write a thoughtful, heartfelt poem for Dad on Father’s Day. You can get as creative, thoughtful, and funny as you want. 

You can write a free verse poem that does not require a rhyming, musical, or metric scheme.

A Haiku is another poem option that you can write. Originating from Japan, it is a three-lined poem. The first line contains five syllables, the second line contains seven syllables, and the last line contains five syllables. A haiku is a short poem that you can commit to writing if you’re looking for something short.  

If you’re looking to write something longer, you can write a 14-line sonnet or an ode to Dad. These are longer poems that are specifically dedicated to one person (Dad obviously) and you can make them rhyme if you want. 

To learn more about writing poems, you can visit the masterclass to learn all about the different variations of poems to write for Father’s Day.

These are a few suggestions and ideas for gifts for Father’s Day based on their love language. Everyone gives and receives love in different ways. It’s always nice to give love in a way that Dad communicates it. 

Either way, let the special man in your life know just how incredible he is and celebrate him this Father’s Day.

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