8 Easy & Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers & Kids

Easter and all holidays are so much more fun celebrating as a parent. I feel like it’s so much more fun seeing your kids smile and the look of excitement on their faces when you bring something fun for them to do around the holidays. Here are 8 easy and fun Easter Activities that you can put together for your kids using items found in most households.

I always try to look for activities that are fun and engaging for my kids. It’s a plus if there’s minimal setup and cleanup.

Below, I have 8 activities that can be done at home with a few ordinary things that can be found laying around the home. They make a great activity for toddlers and kids alike and I hope that you and your family will enjoy playing them!

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Egg Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a fun activity for kids because they just love getting their hands on things. It’s also great for you because you can essentially just put anything into a sensory bin and call it a sensory bin. You can put anything you find lying around the house into a sensory bin such as uncooked, pasta, uncooked, rice, cotton balls, cotton pads, and feathers, and it would be considered a sensory bin. 

To minimize that mess and clean up for you, you can put a tablecloth sheet or towel underneath the sensory bin. This way, the towel on the tablecloth will catch all the spills as your child plays.

Your sensory bin also doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t need to be Instagram worth or look exactly like a Pinterest creation. As long as it has a few fun items for little hands to explore- your kids will love it. Kids are easy to please so please don’t stress out Mama. This is designed to be fun for you and for them! 

For this activity, you will need:

  • A clear plastic bin
  • Easter Eggs
  • Spoons
  • Uncooked rice, pasta, or beans

Easter Egg Play- Doh

Kids love Play-Doh! They love playing with things that are mushy and fun. My kids love playing with Play-Doh and they can keep playing with it for hours! I love it because they can build something, break it down, and then build something up again. They have hours of endless play with Play-Doh. 

For this activity, you will need:

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Food coloring or dye
  • Salt 
  • Vegetable oil
  • Cream of tartar sauce
  • Hand gloves

Mix all the ingredients together and add water slowly as necessary to get it to the right consistency. If you are dying the Play-Doh in different colors, divide the dough into equal parts before dying it. Wearing gloves to prevent the transfer of the food coloring onto your hands, add drops of food color to the Play-Doh until it is the desired color and brightness.

You can store the Play-Doh in an airtight container. If it gets a little dry, just add a few drops of water and mold the dough so that it gets fully incorporated. For easter play-doh, you can use bright easter colors such as yellow, green, pink, and bright purple. Easter-themed cookie cutters can be used to make fun shapes such as eggs, bunnies, and chicks.

Easter Egg Color Matching

Easter Egg color matching is a fun activity for your toddler or preschooler as they can develop their fine motor skills, building those muscles for writing.

For this activity, you will need:

  • Easter eggs
  • Colorful pom poms
  • Tongs
  • Old egg crate or something to hold the eggs up in

You can sort the eggs randomly and have a jar of colorful pom poms. The kids can use tongs or spoons to scoop up the pom poms and match them to the egg. 

Easter Egg Sponge Paint

Art activities are always so fun for kids because they get to play with paint and colors. They can also get creative and design new things.

For this activity, you will need:

  • Sponge 
  • Paint
  • Paper

Using scissors, cut up a sponge into some Easter-themed shapes such as a carrot, easter egg, or bunny. Give the kids some paint and the sponges and let them sponge paint away. 

Easter Egg Race 

The Easter egg race is a simple and fun activity to help kids burn off all that Easter candy energy. It’s also fun because adults and children can play together. For this activity, you will need:

  • Easter eggs 
  • Slotted spoons or spoons of various sizes
  • Tape to mark the beginning or end of the race

Give each player an egg and a spoon. You can use various spoons such as a slotted spoon, a ladle, a rice cooker mixer- anything to make it more fun, interesting and challenging. 

Decide on where the start and finish lines will be. Have everyone line up and race to the finish line. 

To make this extra challenging, you can also create an obstacle course. The obstacle course can include running around rocks or trees, walking in a straight line, or stepping over a stuffed toy.

Feed the Easter Bunny

Feed the Easter Bunny is a fun activity to teach kids about fruits and vegetables. For this activity, you’ll need some paper to draw an Easter bunny. You can also print out the Easter Bunny template at the bottom of this page, cut it out, and attach it to a water bottle. Don’t forget to print out all the food the Bunny wants to eat.

For this activity, the kids will feed the bunny, orange pom-poms to represent carrots, green pom-poms to represent cabbage or lettuce, and red pom-poms to mean beets or strawberries. 

The kids can take turns feeding the bunny and discuss what they’re feeding the bunny. Some topics to discuss can include what they’re feeding the bunny, how many items of fruit or vegetable, the bunnies, eating, the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and caring for a bunny.

Alphabet Letter Easter Egg Hunt

This alphabet letter Easter egg hunt is a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers who are just learning their letters. It’s a fun way to incorporate learning into playing at the same time. I love finding new ways to make learning fun for kids. They are so engaged in playing, and searching for eggs and don’t realize that they’re also learning simultaneously.

For this activity, you will need:

  • Plastic easter eggs
  • Alphabet puzzles
  • Alphabet foam letters
  • Alphabet printable 

For this activity, we used our alphabet letters from our Melissa and Doug puzzle set and I just stuffed the alphabet letter puzzles inside each of the Easter eggs. I hid the eggs around the house and the kids just looked for all the eggs. After they were done hunting for all of the eggs, we try to put all the letters back onto the puzzle board. 

If you don’t have an alphabet puzzle, you can print out an alphabet template and cut up the letters and stuff them inside each of the eggs. You will want to print two templates- one template so that you can cut up and stuff inside the eggs and the other that you would use for the kids to reference to

This is a great easter activity that combines fun and learning until one. We hope that you find this Easter activity, fun, and easy to do and hope that your little ones have an awesome time too!

Sink or Swim Easter Egg Stem Project

This next activity is an easy one with very minimal tools. It’s also another fun learning activity for toddlers and kids alike. 

For this activity, you will need:

  • A clear plastic bucket or bin
  • Cotton balls
  • Rocks
  • Paper clips
  • Coins
  • Buttons
  • Legos 
  • Small plastic toys 

For this activity, you will stuff the plastic Easter eggs with some of the heavy and light objects from the list above (rocks, paper, clips, coins, buttons, cotton balls, Legos, etc. And you can also put varying amounts of each of the items into the eggs so you can put one rock in one egg and three or four rocks into another egg to make it heavier.

You can hand the eggs to the kids and ask them if it feels heavy or does it feel light. Ask them to predict whether they think it will float or sink to the bottom of the container. This is a great activity to help spark curiosity and encourage learning. It can also help to develop their language skills as it opens up opportunities for discussion. It is also a very fun water sensory play activity.

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